Stephen Stepaniuk Discusses How Swap and Share Experiences Are Changing Travel

Gone are the days where people view traveling as a mere luxury. With the sudden increase of work-from-anywhere millennials, people are diving in into the idea that they can pursue a nomadic lifestyle while still earning a steady income. However, this doesn’t mean that people who pursue this lifestyle are free from sudden expenses. Some of them may choose to be based in places where the cost of living is low, but some are faced with a situation where they need to make ends meet and choose to save money through other ways. 

Stephen Stepaniuk, a professional and avid traveler, noticed a pattern for these people who choose the nomadic lifestyle. Many of them who are veterans in globetrotting are using the swap and share economy that has risen along with travel. 

What are swap and share experiences?

According to Stephen Stephaniuk, swap and share experiences are basically items or property that can be rented out as a service in a particular location. It can be a house, car, gadget, or any other item that a person owns which is set for rent even without an actual business. These items can either be swapped for another or paid for use in a particular amount of time. 

Swap and share experiences have changed the travel scene in many ways. Below are some of the things it brought about for travelers around the globe: 

Stephen Stepaniuk Discusses How Swap and Share Experiences Are Changing Travel

1. Affordable prices.

The swap and share economy gave rise to prices that cannot be competed by expensive accommodations. For example, instead of purchasing a single night in a hotel for $100 just for two people, you can get an Airbnb for half the price with the same amenities. This is because the shared economy makes it possible for people to offer what they have for a lower price. Now, people who are on a budget can travel and get the same level of comfort and privacy they wish to have. 

2. More options for tourists.

The swap and share experiences are a goldmine for many travelers who consider themselves wise in spending. This leads to what they call “hidden gems” that only a few people know about because their value exceeds the price you may be expecting them to be at. According to Stephen Stepaniuk, the power now lies within the tourist’s hands, making it possible for them to have a myriad of choices for the best value possible. This is helpful for people who have large families. Since there are lesser restrictions with swap and share experiences, it is easier for them to find accommodations and items that are well worth the price. 

3. Improved accessibility.

Perhaps you are in a location where hailing a taxi seem to be difficult, and you need something to get around. Thanks to swap and share experiences such as Uber or Turo private car rentals, you can get around a place without having to worry if you can call a taxi or not. These are just some of the examples of how the swap and share economy provides better accessibility for people who want to travel. 

As people’s needs change, the travel culture also adapts. If ever you plan to go on your next travel, why not try a swap and share service? Not only can you save money, but get to find hidden gems that may just be the best value you can find

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