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Mark Alvarado Shares How to Find the Most Amazing Sites to Explore In Sweden

For someone traveling to Sweden, finding the best places to visit is a priority. However, this is not one of the easiest things to do as a newcomer and you might be stuck for days before you finally find an answer to some of the best places you could visit while in Sweden. But that does not mean there are no ways you could search for the most amazing sites in Sweden. In fact, you have many technological options that offer you detailed reports and information that is sufficiently guiding. Here are few apps I, Mark Alvarado San Francisco, personally rely on to find amazing sites in Sweden.

Spotted by Locals

This is an app that offers visitors information as relayed by the locals. You will agree that nobody understands a place better than locals, so when you rely on data from this app you are likely to learn about things not mentioned by other search platforms, and with this, you can make an informed decision about spots to visit as well as places to stay. The app will, however, cost you $3.99, which is nothing compared to the inconvenience arising from lack of sufficient information about a place. It is available on both iOS and Android.


Musement offers you a pocket guide that allows you to access relevant destination information regardless of where you are around the world. It highlights neighborhoods, restaurants, attractions, and bars and provides more than 300 destinations across the world. It is a free app on Android and iOS that should help you have your way while in Sweden without necessarily having to pay someone to guide you around, or without going to the extent of making the wrong destination choices.


If you are more focused on making new friends once you land in Sweden, you might want to use Meetup. You can connect with many locals, who are always willing to serve your request to help you visit some of the most amazing sites in the country. This is a better way to learn about new destinations as you are able to ask questions and receive the right guidelines from the new friend you will make courtesy of the Meetup app. Essentially, the app lists local events and offers you links to groups that you can join that will be useful during your stay at your destination.


Instagram is a popular photo-sharing platform that also gives you a perfect place to search for amazing sites. While in Sweden, you could use Instagram as a travel aid by following some of the most popular travel bloggers on the platform. You will get sufficient information about amazing destinations that you should consider visiting, and once you pick one that you find awesome you could go ahead and request for support from the person who shared the details. There are many contacts on Instagram who are guides in the travel world who will help you choose a destination once you arrive in Sweden.

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