Kalu Yala Lawsuit Never Happened, Intern With An Eco-Friendly Community

The online rumors of a Kalu Yala lawsuit are false which is a message the founder and CEO of the project in entrepreneurship and sustainability, Jimmy Stice is keen to point out. The location of the Kalu Yala settlement places it in the perfect position to remain in a position of safety and success over the last eight years and long into the future. Despite Jimmy Stice and his management team looking for an impressive jungle location, the group also wanted to make sure the Tres Brazos Valley chosen as the site of the community was less than one hour from the hub cities of Panama.

Safety is key

The safety of interns and young entrepreneurs has always been key for the leaders of the Kalu Yala settlement including the need for easy access to the best medical services available in Panama City. Since the site opened in 2010, no Kalu Yala lawsuit has ever been filed and the safety record of the community is exemplary. In fact, more than 800 students and over 1,000 visitors have made their way to the world’s most sustainable village with few incidents to report. If an accident or incident takes place at Kalu Yala, the leaders of the community are known for their desire to investigate each incident using independent experts who have so far cleared the community of any blame.

Interns work to build a brighter future

After making the decision to spend some time at Kalu Yala, students and young professionals must make a decision about where they will spend their time in Panama. Over the course of an internship, a student or young professional has the chance to take their pick of three possible locations to spend their time in; firstly, the jungle site of the community is still under construction with engineering and construction internships available. A further option is to take part in educational, culinary arts, and farming projects linked to the township of San Miguel which has become one of the most important allies to the Kalu Yala settlement over the course of its life. Finally, Jimmy Stice made sure Kalu Yala was located close to an economic center in the form of Panama City where a business office is held by the group allowing business interns to explore the many opportunities available to them.

Beginning to bear fruit

The work being completed at Kalu Yala is now beginning to bear fruit as the business opportunities being created by interns and young professionals are starting to make their way into the retail sector. Small gains have been made by those opening stores within the confines of Kalu Yala but the development of a new business enterprise of a global nature has begun with Kalu Yala Outfitters which is both a clothing line and outdoor activity company founded by a Kalu Yala alumni.

Creating a sustainable future 

Patch reports the sustainable nature of the village of Kalu Yala is the most important part of the development of the settlement which remains important to the future of the Tropics. One of the most important aspects of the work of the Kalu Yala community is the ability of the group to create a future capable of reducing imports and the reliance on processed foods. Kalu Yala’s leaders are proud of their farm to table project created in conjunction with the farmers of San Miguel who have taken the project as one of the most important parts of their daily work.

The community is all important 

When Jimmy Stice was a teenager he began to feel a sense of detachment from his local community in Atlanta, Georgia which led to him hoping to build a stronger community at Kalu Yala. Ian Leaf Switzerland Travels reports the selfish and entitled behavior Millennials are often accused of has no place in the community with many feeling they are not worthy of their role within the project; the success which has been achieved at Kalu Yala has come with an eye on changing the way we live our lives and bringing us closer to our neighbors within a local community.


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