Tana Ava Taylor Adoption Explains The Top Things to Remember When Photographing an Adoption

A few may know that I connect on a personal level with adoptive blended families. Now that I have a thriving business, Tana Ava Taylor adoption, I realize that there are important things that one must remember when photographing an adoption. You always want to capture the moment and the emotion through your lens, but there are other things that you should focus on when doing this type of photography.

Let the adoptive child know they are loved

This is the most important thing to remember when shooting, especially with international adoptions because their parents or they are being hit with several questions. Many ranging from, “Where are you from?” “Are the biological parents involved?” “What is your heritage?” These are thoughts that need to be thrown out the door when it comes to adoption photography. The child knows that the one or two adults next to them during the photoshoot love them more than anything and that’s what needs to be captured. Encourage the love so that you can capture it through your creative vision.

Ask if the family has a vision for their shoot

This is important because you don’t want to hit a sore spot and ruin the photoshoot. There should be a conversation held before the photoshoot to ensure that the family’s lifelong wishes are carried out. You want to take their vision and blend it with your creativity to exceed expectations. This will create a lifelong memory for their family. The session could include special moments where you follow the family or it could be a specific destination for family portraits.

Try to control your emotions

Empathy is never an issue with dealing with this photography niche but breaking down during a shoot could do more harm to your business after the tears have dried. The family may be open to giving a hug and asking questions to understand, but they will be less inclined to show the true and vulnerable side of their family moments. There could be a time when you are having a bad day and a toddler becomes unmanageable during the shoot. You want to keep a warming aura about yourself because people can sense that. Try to meditate before doing an adoptive shoot to clear your thoughts and remain in an understanding but professional state.

Allow the parents to show emotions

These types of photo shoots are emotional and can be emotionally draining but do the opposite that you’ll do for yourself. Allow them to express their feelings when appropriate. If they are looking at the images you’ve captured and begin to break down, let them know it is okay. The reason for it is probably because their family is complete. Maybe the parent has been struggling for so long and they now have their rainbow baby and their adoptive child. You can capture incredible moments when a parent releases their emotions during a shoot because the child or children are instantly committed to comforting that parent.

Remember your why

I was adopted as an infant and I understand what the children and parents are going through. It can be a struggle in the beginning because you know there will be a connection but you’re afraid. Afraid of acceptance, afraid of being different, afraid of rejection. The last important thing to remember is to remember your way for joining the adoption photography niche. You are creating timeless memories for blended adoptive families. You are giving a restoring the good in the world by allowing these families to be in a judgment-free environment and be vulnerable without being taken advantage of. You’re apart of giving a child a memorable piece of their childhood. Remembering these things has helped Tana Ava Taylor Adoption flourish.

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