Ismail Sirdah Discusses The Top 5 Things To Remember When It Comes To Sports Photography

For some, sporting events are the perfect opportunity to practice your photography skills. Not only is it a chance to capture your favorite team or player in action, but also, those action shots themselves are a great way to hone on in on your photography skills.

The only trouble with sports photography is that it isn’t always easy to get right. Particularly if you are trying to capture a particularly fast-paced sport. To help you, Ismail Sirdah put together some of the things that you are going to need to remember if you plan to try out sports photography for yourself.

Always use the right equipment

One of the simplest ways to make sure that you get the best sports images is to have the right camera for the job. You are going to need a DSLR or a high-end mirrorless camera for this particular type of photography. Otherwise you are going to find it even harder to master.

Get as close as you can

If you can stand on the sidelines to get your photos, then this is going to lead to amazing images. However, of course, this isn’t always possible, particularly for larger games or matches. Therefore, you should try to aim to sit as close as you can to the action. Always remember that you need to be still safe, and out of the way of the athletes.

Remember to get some images of their faces

Some of the best sports photographs have to be those that capture the emotion that goes along with the game. This isn’t always the easiest shots to get, but if you can, then you are going to find that they are incredibly worthwhile.

Think about your camera settings

One of the most important elements of sports photography is to get the right camera settings.  You are going to be shooting a moving target, which is one of the trickiest things that you can try and do, so any help that you can get should be welcome. Two settings that you are going to need to utilise is the continuous focus mode, which will allow the focus on the camera to be locked onto a moving person or object, as well as rapid-fire, burst mode, which will up the number of images that can be captured in a second to as many as 20.

Don’t forget to enjoy the action

It is all too easy when you are focusing on taking photographs, to forget to enjoy the moment that you are in. So, when it comes to sports photography, remind yourself now and then to put down the camera and simply enjoy the moment. After all, you might not get another chance like this.

Sports photography needn’t be a headache, especially if you know the best ways to approach it and take some top quality images.

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