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How to Start a Career in Travel Photography

The rise of travel photography on Instagram and other social media platforms has made this one of the most desired jobs around. Daniel Doyle Pleasantville photographer explains there are several options for photographers who want to travel. These include:

  • becoming a social media influencer
  • photojournalism
  • working for a travel magazine publisher

The first step is to identify travel photography as your dream job. Once you have decided to find a job in this area, you need to make sure your background helps you get your dream travel photography role.

1. What is Your Goal?

No matter what kind of job you are looking for, you need to set a goal for yourself. Aiming towards a goal makes it easier to handle the setbacks and failures you will face along the way. If your dream job is working for a traditional travel magazine, your training should include learning to shoot images in the style of your chosen publication. Travel photography is based on social media, with scalable images captured for your account.

2. Create Your Photographic Style

The first question you need to ask is how are you going to build your portfolio? If you are a novice photographer, you should look to take classes to learn about different styles. Once you have learned the basics of photography, the best option is to explore your local area and take photographs. Experience is vital no matter what type of photography you are trying to capture. The more images you capture, the easier it will be to identify the style you are developing for your photography.

3. Build Your Portfolio

The Wandering Lens reports your portfolio is your calling card for potential clients. For photographers who aim to build a following on social media, uploading your best images to your account is a good first step. Daniel Doyle Pleasantville photographer believes a website is important for you when you are looking to attract followers and clients. Alongside your portfolio, you can write a blog detailing your travels for your followers.

4. License Your Images

FStoppers reports there are several sites available that allow you to upload your images and license them for use. A novice photographer can choose their best images and offer them for licensing. More experienced photographers have the chance to offer their images to stock photography companies and earn a regular income from their work.

5. Assemble Your Equipment

Things happen when you are on the road and using your camera every day. Equipment can be damaged or lost, leaving you unable to work until it is replaced. Building a bag of equipment is vital for the long days on the road and many hours spent working as a travel photographer. Your laptop is your best way of uploading images and should be cared for at all times.

6. Commit to the Lifestyle

The images you see of travel photographers are usually of them in a tropical location isolated from the outside world. The glamor of these images does not capture the trek through dense jungle that is far from glamorous. In polar locations, you may be living in sub-zero temperatures for days and weeks. Remaining committed to your dream job can be difficult in these circumstances.

There is plentiful travel photography work available to you when you have built your portfolio. Setting out on this career can seem daunting, but Daniel Doyle Pleasantville photographer believes you will achieve your dream when committed to the role.

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