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Dan Doyle Pleasantville NY Shares How to Get Friends and Family to Take Your Photography Business Seriously

Owning your own photography business can be one of the most rewarding things that you ever do. Dan Doyle Pleasantville NY knows this better than anyone else. He has a very successful photography business and people love him for his work. However, Dan Doyle Pleasantville NY also knows that there are a lot of challenges that come with the territory.

An entrepreneur is only as successful as his or her support base. This includes friends and family who support your business. Support can come in many different forms and is not exclusive to just finances. It could be moral support and actively sharing your work. Unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs out there face a lot of support issues whenever they are first starting their business. Oftentimes, their family members are very nihilistic about their business endeavors and don’t show any kind of support. Fortunately, there are ways to help improve their enthusiasm that will get them to take your photography business very seriously.

Show Them Your Photography

A lot of photographers will spend too much time at family gatherings and social events talking about their photography business and skills. Unfortunately, this can cause more eyes to roll than you realize. This can be some of the most detrimental things that you ever do. The best workaround for this problem is to simply show your friends and family your work. One of the most important aspects of photography is to show and not tell. While it is not exclusive to photography, it is a very effective skill that can improve your artistic craft. You let the image itself tell the message that you want to convey. This same principle can be applied to your work for optimal results.

Take Pictures of Them

Everyone loves to have a good picture taken of them. It showcases their physical features and personality in a good photo. Taking pictures of yourself can even make you a better photographer. However, people do not understand the power of photography until they have experienced it firsthand. Take pictures of your family and friends to showcase your skills and the importance of photography altogether. This will sell them on the idea of your photography business.

Tell Them About Your Goals

Many people think that artists are very aloof people with no direction in life. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Owning a business can seem like a nightmare if you don’t have goals in your pipeline. This is why it is important for you to have tangible goals that you can accomplish and share with other people. Sharing these realistic goals with your friends and family will show them that you are very serious about what you do and want to grow as a business. Everyone can respect a business owner who is trying to expand his or her business with hard work.

Include Them in Your Shoots

There is always the chance that a person doesn’t understand the amount of hard work that goes into a photoshoot. The best way to expand their knowledge on the subject is to include them in your next photo shoot. While we don’t recommend that you actually let them handle the camera during a shoot, allowing them to help in other small ways is just as effective. Let your friends and family member who are interested in what you do work something simple such as lighting or booking the client. This will greatly improve your chances of them becoming more emotionally invested in what you do.

Tell Them How You Feel

Unfortunately, the last one on our list may be the hardest one for most people out there. There are times whenever you just have to tell people how you feel about a certain situation. Oftentimes, you will find that the people who do not take your business seriously are coming from a negative perspective that needs to be corrected. This can only be done with a heart to heart conversation with those people.


Having your own photography business is an incredibly exciting thing. However, it can be ten times harder to get it off the ground if your friends and family aren’t there to support you. Receiving moral support during difficult times in your business will help you get through many challenges. We recommend that you implement these tips to change the minds of your friends and family in your photography business. You’d be surprised how many people will support you if they have a better understanding of what it is that you actually do

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