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Colby Burke Shares 4 Of The Best Photogenic Scenes In Hilton Head

Almost everyone wants to keep some memories of their cherished moments, or places they visit by making a video or taking photos. At Hilton Head Island, numerous destinations will give you these memorable moments. There are plentiful photogenic scenes that you will enjoy seeing, snapping and filming. Every time you visit a new place, make sure have fun and learn two or more things. Here is a list of some of the outstanding scenes as detailed by ColBur Colby Burke.

1. Fort Mitchel

This is one of the most amazing military landmarks you will get to see when you visit Hilton Head, and it is a good attraction for both adults and children. It symbolizes the beginning of the Civil War in South Carolina since the nearby Fort Sumter is the place where the first shots were fired. Most of the Union soldiers who were fighting during the Civil War were living in Hilton Head, and this makes Fort Michel a very significant landmark on the island. It is located in the wooded areas, and you will find some remains such as the Howitzer canons in the fort.

2. Harbor Town Lighthouse

For more than four decades, the Harbor Town Lighthouse has been one of the most loved landmarks in Hilton Head, and you should consider it for your photo memories. You will have a chance to enjoy a bike ride at the Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort, and such scenery will give you amazing photos. Before leaving this destination, consider climbing to the top of the lighthouse and capture more photos of you up there and the photos of Hilton Head from above. Colby Burke Hilton Head resident, says that you will have the best view of the island from the 114 steps up the ground. Talk of the surrounding marshlands and the waterways.

3. Palmetto Dunes Beach

Everyone loves beach photos, and if you are in Hilton Head or are planning to go there, the Palmetto Dunes Beach is the place to be for great beach photography. The beach has numerous scenes and offers different activities to allow you to bookmark some memorable moments. For instance, you will find people boogie boarding, surfing, beach biking, swimming or taking a walk on the beach. There are so many memorable moments that you can make on the beach with a spouse, friends or family. Also, at the Palmetto Dunes Beach, you can take great snaps of the sun rising up the ocean.

4. Indian Shell Ring

Hilton Head Island is a place where you will find different preserves, and this is a sign that the community in this place has a great love for plant and animal life. The Indian Shell Ring is one of the Hilton Head’s old landmarks and is found at the Sea Pines Forest Reserve. This place will give you a chance to take amazing landscape snaps. Sea Pine Forest reserve stands out from the rest because of its extravaganza resort. According to Colby Burke Hilton Head, the most amazing thing you will love about the Indian Shell Ring is that it is historical and the Native Americans used it as a refuse heap. The ring has a 150-feet diameter and had been reserved for many years without getting damaged.

Do not agree to visit any place and leave without having a memory of the same. Cherishing good moments through photography is a very noble way of boosting your happiness. All you need to do is research on the place that you are visiting before visiting or on arriving to avoid getting confused. While there are numerous places you can bookmark in Hilton Head Island, the few noted above will definitely stand out.

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