5 Reasons Why Kalu Yala Is The Ultimate Photography Destination

Many photographers are looking for the next destination they can cover. If you are a travel photographer, you may roll your eyes on people who suggest cliche tourist spots. It may seem like you’re running out of things to tick on your checklist if you’ve covered all the common tourist destinations. If this sounds like you, it may be good to consider the Kalu Yala village in Panama.

What is Kalu Yala?

Kalu Yala is the sustainable village located remotely in the mountains of Panama. The owner and CEO, Jimmy Stice, believes that he can create a village that is fully sustainable and leaves zero carbon footprint. Kalu Yala can accommodate future residents, interns who desire to study the systems that operate in the village, as well as tourists who want to see the biodiversity surrounding the area.

Is Kalu Yala Bad?

Some people may be asking, “Is Kalu Yala bad?”. There are some websites and public opinions that try to point it out, however, they are merely baseless information. It is important to check the facts first before trying to assume what this village is all about. In this post, we will be looking into the truth about Kalu Yala and how it can be your perfect photography destination.

5 Reasons Why Kalu Yala Is The Ultimate Photography Destination

1. Kalu Yala has a unique biodiversity of plants and animals

What else could be more interesting than living in a remote yet sustainable village, surrounded by a unique range of plants and animals? Panama has thousands of species of trees, shrubs, and unique orchids. You can see some of them grow in the village of Kalu Yala using modern and eco-friendly means. The jungle surrounding the village can be seen with a variety of animals such as the two-toed sloths, marmosets, howlers and spider monkeys. If you’re fortunate enough to capture these unique creatures upon exploring the outskirts of the village, they can make as very interesting subjects.

2. Not just your ordinary camping experience

Kalu Yala is also a perfect spot for campers. However, it isn’t just your simple camping experience. It is quite exotic and will bring you a camping trip like no other. You get to rent a tent or a mini-cabin in the mountains and experience the rich yet natural Panama culture. You can talk to the villagers, current interns, professionals and learn about what brought them in Kalu Yala. You can also get to taste the rich and unique cuisine of the Panama people within the village. Bringing your family and friends to this experience and capturing these memories through pictures will surely ignite the adventurer in you.

3. Starry nights, blue skies

Kalu Yala is located in Tres Brazos Valley, which is the flatter portion of the rainforest. This is a convenient spot to do night time photography when the skies are clear and the nights are dark. In the areas where Kalu Yala is, you can capture the night skies filled with stars. Additionally, during a sunny day, the skies are completely blue and occasionally filled with different types of clouds. If you choose to go on a trail near the village, you can also get good shots of the whole village from the top. This can be added to your photography montage along with all the sights located in the village.

4. The modern ‘jungle’ village

Kalu Yala is considered a modern ‘jungle’ village. It’s set apart from all the other indigenous communities because it makes use of various technological systems that help the villagers acquire housing, utilities, and food in a sustainable way. Additionally, you get to meet engineers, scientists, and other professionals testing and working on their projects which can also be a sight to see. The whole village is a picturesque subject of an environmental-friendly community.

5. Explore other parts of Panama

Another bonus is being able to explore Panama as Kalu Yala is only 20-30 minutes away from the airport and Panama City. This is a good addition to your trip if you haven’t visited Panama yet. Aside from visiting Kalu Yala, you can do a side trip to Panama City and hang out at the beaches and other known landmarks such as the Panama Canal, Casco Viejo, and Panama Viejo. Maximize your Kalu Yala tourist experience by including these other known landmarks which are very accessible within the village.

The truth about Kalu Yala is simple. It is definitely not what other people say it may be. It is a village that can bring you and your family a one-of-a-kind experience that can teach you lessons about sustainability and care for the environment. These are experienced worth capturing. Photographers, tourists, and families are most welcome in the village. For more information, you can visit their website at

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